Credit Card Machines


credit card machines

 Credit Card Machines


without the price tag.

credit card machines

credit card processing machines

Credit Card Machines

only 1.69% per swipe

no contract

free tablet, free app, free shipping

we were fed up with credit card machines and POS systems that cost tens of thousands of dollars and usually required costly service contracts. new, small, or medium size businesses just couldn’t afford it, meaning they couldn’t compete. our answer to this problem? PayAnywhere’s free POS tablet.

cloud based computing has freed the world!

too bad no one told the big POS companies! with today’s tablets and cloud services, costs can drop drastically, creating a modular system that can be as small or as big as you want. you can even bring your own tablet or mobile device. sorry big POS, it’s just not fair is it?

Get It Now

Be versatile

Customizable app lets you add unlimited users to your account.

Dig deeper

Detailed in-app and online reporting tells you what, where, and when your customers are purchasing.

Talk to us

We’re a true partner to you, offering live customer and technical support by phone, email, and chat.

Quick Pay

Need a quick sale? Run a sale in a snap and sort it out later with quick pay.  This emulates the same functionality as traditional counter-top credit card machines.

Track Customers

Track previous purchases, frequency, and even tailor emailed promotions for individual marketing.

Find your customers now with PayPal Check-in!

Powerful Reporting

In-depth reporting shows you what’s selling and what’s not so you can be prepared

Drill Down Reports

Find that transaction! Look back through batches from months ago to find that important transaction.

so we made the choice easy…

no commitment

no contract or cancellation

you will never pay anything for the free tablet

you will never pay anything for shipping

not happy? just send it back!

a good rate

1.69% flat for all swipes is a good rate.

yes, this includes American Express

yes, this includes PayPal

no, there are no per-item fees

monthly fees? just one

$12.95 monthly fee, that’s no big deal.


Optional wireless cash drawer and wireless receipt printer available for rent or purchase.
Tablet can connect with printers via wifi or bluetooth.

Free Mobile Reader

Get the free tablet NOW and also receive a free mobile card reader and app for your personal smart phone or tablet. Both sync to your account instantly in the cloud for a seamless experience across multiple devices.

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